Update from James....!!!!!!

Hey all you brothers and sisters!! I felt it was time for some sort of an update, as things have been a little dormant recently. I've been involved in my own situation that some of you may or may not know about, my apologies for not taking the time to do some work "around here", but I am not here to talk about that, so anyhow…..

There isn't a whole lot of new stuff around the site, but there are some more cool things in the works. Donny and I have been pretty busy with various involvements but we will get something going soon, I'm sure. I hope that what we have here now is doing you guys some good and that it is being put to good use.

As for stuff happening, I believe that LA just recently had a Jr. STF Workshop and I know Bridgeport just had one as well. The Kansas Jr. STF monthly "workshop" is coming up also, although I, unfortunately, am unable to attend for reasons beyond my control. Things seem to be going fairly smoothly in respects to Jr. STF members and I have seen a lot of positive feedback on events popping up around Facebook.

Some of you may or may not know, but Jr. STF is no longer running as a "National Program" - the announcement was made a little while back. There are still some things that are being ironed out about the change, but for now, Jr. STF is being left up to regional discretion - which leaves some communities struggling to continue supporting their Jr. STF members, and others with a lot of kids that were really looking forward to the "upcoming" national workshop.

For those of you Jr. STFers who are bummed out about that, try to keep your head up! There were a lot of us looking forward to attending and now we must find something else to inspire us this summer. Some of you are out of school and others just finishing up, but I hope that you guys have a great summer, do something fun, something for others, and also for yourself. Try and keep yourselves on the right path and if you need some support you know where to look - regional leaders, field educators, and Donny and I.

Lastly, one thing I am thinking about and will have to discuss with Donny is an open discussion area. I feel that it would be really beneficial for some of our members to have a place to "duke it out" so-to-speak without fearing judgment. Somewhere to speak what's on your mind and get honest, open feedback about it. Just a thought, and I would, we would, love to hear about your thoughts as well! If you have an idea, give us a shout; that's why me made this site - for YOU GUYS!!!

Anyhow, I wish you all the best and hope things are going well. I look forward to MAYBE seeing some of you guys this summer! Have a great one!!!

Love from a brother,

James jcpt928

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