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The Library is a new section under Divine Principle. The Library functions as an online storage device for all sorts of insightful books, including the DP. All the books are eBooks, which means they are electronic copies of books you may have. Forget your DP? Need HDH material? Want to read a book, but you don't own it or have access? All of that can be taken care of here. Welcome to your new static reading source. Always there when you need it, not weighing you down when you don't. Ladies and Gentlemen: Welcome to the Library.

Feel free to request books for posting. Also, if you want, you may place books here for the greater good. Enjoy!

BTW: "DP in Plain Words" is a good book to help you get a second perspective on the DP, it also makes for great lecture examples. It is a good resource for Candidates or Green members who want to get a 1up on the next DP test. This book allows you to understand the DP, not memorize it.

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