Let's truly take to heart this prayer today


Father of love! Please let us realize the grieving heart and be in awe before that heart by understanding how thorny the 6,000 years of history have been. We did not know what the gravest of all sins was, but when we come to the realization, we find that it was a great sin to consider the light that the Lord has given us only as our own. Although we possess the water and the oil, it was a great sin to hold it only for ourselves. Although we were wearing the holy gown, it was a grave sin not to have caused many people to wear the gown, although we have the responsibility to make people become faithful. It was a great sin on the scale of representing the 6,000 years that we could not make others believe.

Please let your children who have gathered here understand that more than committing sin themselves, it is a greater sin to cause another to commit sin, and it is a greater sin to have failed to give them the light, water, oil and the gown that Jesus left behind through his suffering. Father, please let the children who had scattered receive the hyung-sang of Jesus Christ and listen to his calling through the words I have spoken. Although they should be responsible for the historical difficulties and tribulations, including even the suffering of the cross, because they are inadequate and ignorant of Heaven's will and the Father's wishes, please encourage them and reveal Your will to them first; let them hear Your voice directly first. Loving Father, I pray from the bottom of my heart that, since they are trying to lead a life of goodness, You will lead them to live their life as they hope.

Please prepare them as the bride of the Lord and guide them to become children who can prevail over everything and bring glory to Heaven, and please govern over the new historical event. I entrust everything to You, so please govern us as You will and appear in the hearts of these who have gathered here. I pray that You will raise them up as the children who can represent the eternal glory of victory. I pray all these things in the name of the Lord. Amen.

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