LFGG and Blog Already!

We all know that there are many aspects involved with LFGG. One important point that I would like to touch upon is the concept of sharing our ideas. A person can do a lot for the greater good when he/she shares creative ideas. Take a look at Google; the whole workplace is centered around the Google Doctrine which states that creativity and openness foster innovation and greatness. Core Values are the big secret in successful business. Let's use them to share the Culture of Heart and the ideal of God's family. If we share more with one another we can apply great ideas that would have stayed dormant otherwise.

If you have an amazing idea or piece of information to share, what better way than to blog it to the world? Now that we are public, almost anyone can blog. All you have to do to LFGG is hit the "Blog" button at the top of the page and then click "Write Post." So LFGG and Blog Already!

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