The Inner Working's of Donny's Mind

…into the depths we go…

Well, we all may sometimes think that that might be a scary thought…or even worse if we have to experience it first hand - Donny's mind I mean. But nonetheless, Donny has put some incredible effort into the site the past couple weeks and I am duly impressed. From the DP Library to the Page-by-Page Discussion and Related Tabs he has done wonders in a very short time. He has put up a new "Pics & Vids" section as well and organized it very nicely. All this and he's studying for his APCS; I haven't been able to get more than a few words out of him in chat. 8-P

Now, back to the "Inner Workings of Donny's Mind"; to some of us that may be a danger sign, to others, an inspiration. ^_^ As we can see there is something beneficial being constructed up there, even though the rest of it may be a little discombobulated. I'm sure this is only a taste of what he has up there in that "nether realm".

I want to personally invite you to give Donny a round of applause and three cheers of "Good Job!"….."Now he's a jolly good fellow, now he's….."

Now, let's give his work a test-drive!!

Sorry, Donny, I had a bit of an inspiration and couldn't resist. Teehee!!

Love Ya Bro, Love Ya Peeps!!


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