Uncertainty and Entropy as a Basis for Existence

I just watched a video which has indelibly reinforced many ideas I have had about existentialism and being. So cogent in theory and logic, this story is about mathematics and its quest for understanding. Ironically by the end of the documentary, the logical conclusion is that logic is limited. Much like computers, our minds get hung up on certain topics; we can never let go of them. It has been empirically proven that for certain problems, no solution exists. So, as a tie in to the previous entry, "I think therfore I am," I would like to ask you to take a step back and look at your life in the whole context. Intuition is the difference between man and machine; perhaps we should dilute our absolute quest for knowledge and feel the situation at hand. Many times I toil over one problem for days, never finding that incontrovertible truth aligned to logical morality. Sometimes, that is all one needs to reach the edge of sanity. Epistemology should not be used as a means to an end, but as a tool. We are in constant change, how can we ever, with any finite certainty, understand ourselves?

We owe a lot to our predecessors; logic being the primary example. But it is for us to decide who we are. No logic can ever define character. That is why everyone is different and everyone struggles to coexist. You do not have the answer to life and its problems, no one person does.

As a side, something interesting I thought of. Uncertainty allows for the existence of everything. If everything was certain, nothing would exist. Let's take a look at a few key scientific principles or ideas. The Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, Electron Wave Particle Duality, Entropy, String Theory, Chaos Theory, Quantum Mechanics and Physics, The Theory of Relativity, The Theory of Everything, Variable Constants in Physics, Continuum Theory, and finally Schrödinger's Principle. I was originally going to explain, in great length, the significance of each of these items with regards to uncertainty and ∴ existence, but I will just explain what they share. Many of these ideas shape and define how our universe functions, albeit some are just theories. Pick and choose. Let us take String Theory as an example. The premise promoted by this supposition is that everything is made of small super strings which operate in the 11th dimension. These strings have random vibrations and rotations that make up the size, charge, and spin of the subatomic particles. Now imagine an instance in which all of these strings just suddenly…..stopped moving. What would happen? Would we exist with any definite dimensions? If that which created us no longer gives an illusion of space, what would we be? Since super strings have no dimensions, we would no longer exist. So without a fundamental underlying structure we would not exist. Let me remind you that these strings are the embodiment of true entropy within the universe. Basically chaos, uncertainty, unpredictability, etc. are at the center of what we perceive to be an ordered universe. Since time and space are relative, we must have some sort of variables underneath it all. Uncertainty, my friends, makes the universe tick. Entropy becomes greater with time, meaning you and everything will eventually come to an end or change significantly. Look at electrons. You can not even know where and at what speed they are going. This is according to the Heisenberg uncertainty principle. You have to choose. That is right, even the location and speed of real tangible(I guess not really) objects are not always defined. Even certain constants in physics, which shaped many equations, now seem variable according to physicists. Heard of Dark Matter? What, do you mean gravity did not always have the same force? Yes, that is exactly what I mean. What is a mathematician's worst nightmare is humanity's very lifeline. My final point? Everything is relative, even the truth. Live life and do not get wrapped up in uncertainty and logic. Do not hate or criticize, everything is relative. Just take a step back and learn. Learn and enjoy! God put on one amazing show.

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