General Affairs

The General Affairs committee has these members:

# megumi-homma
# Hitoe Hiraki
# Takayo Hiraki
# Karen Tsuchihara

This group is in charge of organizing external needs of the general party and other committees. Other committees should e-mail Megumi at moc.nsm|ammohugem#moc.nsm|ammohugem if they need anything for there group (before u start needing stuff check the list below and see if what u need is on there because whatevers on there should be supplied.) And if anyone else wants to help set up the day of the party that would be great!!

Here's a list of what we need of the party (put your bold name to sign up):

  • tables
  • table cloths
  • tape
  • streamers
  • sound system
  • projector
  • guitar
  • songbooks
  • grill
  • volleyball/soccer ball
  • music-Donny
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