James Thompson



My name is James Thompson, I am a first-generation member from Kansas (yes, there are members from Kansas, and no, they aren't the only people living there ^_^), and the first, and only member of my blood family in the church. I currently work with the church in many ways, but most intensely, with the Jr. STF program and Youth Group program. I am 21 even though most people think I am only 14 or 15 when they see me - which is all cool, because that means I will look like I am about 25 when I am 85 - ;-).

I met Donny Palmigiano and a lot of the other Jr. STFers in D.C. during the GPF, and am very thankful to him for letting me help in the development of this site, and also for his amazing back massages ^_^. I am currently back in Kansas to help develop our Youth Programs. I do this not for myself, but for the Youth, not only in Kansas, but everywhere.

I love my younger brothers (there's 4 of them in my pictures) more than anything in the world.

As a co-admin of this site, and a technologically intellectual person myself, I will try and bring some good stuff to the site and am always up for criticism and suggestions. ;-) If any of you brothers and sisters need something, feel free to contact me!!

James Thompson

Thanx a lot!!

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