JSTF T-shirts!

Hey guys!

If you haven't heard, we are having a JsTF T-shirt design contest, so we can choose a shirt that will represent us(and make us look pretty.) We'd like everyone to participate, even if you have no sense of design, cause it is a perfect time to practice your beauty aspect of your mind and body. Plus, funky designs give us a laugh… and who knows?… maybe JSTFer's prefer funky over cool. So believe in yourself and participate.

and guess what!!!!???? If you win, you get a free t-shirt. Now that is worth designing a t-shirt for. So hurry up and start designing, so JSTF can start looking beautiful, faster. yes!

A website that is user friendly for fashion designers is Customink.com
I tried it, and it really works.

Have fun, and be creative. We are looking forward to beautiful t-shirts, and beautiful Jstfers….

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