Welcome to LA Jr. STF!

Why do we come?

"Because we love God, True Parents, and our BC's!"









This site is for the organization and execution of Jr. STF affairs.

  • Right now the site is in development, so if you would like to poke around and help develop just ask.
  • If you need help navigating or creating, feel free to ask the admins.
  • Have fun, and make sure to add and edit pages.

Recent News

Alrighty then, I felt we needed an update! As you can see, the site has gone through quite a transformation in the past couple months thanks to Donny and his coding skills. I brushed up on a few of the new features here and you're more than welcome to suggest new ones! You'll notice the "Task List" now available on the Home Page. If you have something you feel needs to be done, put it up there! As things are accomplished, we will check them off! The Forum is Online and has been put to good use, although it would be nice to see some more activity there. If you don't know what's going on, the Blog will give you a quick jist of things and you can sign-up to "Watch" the site for updates. I wish you all the best!!!

-The Admins
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