What Is Jr. STF?

What is Jr. STF?

By inheriting the Culture of Heart of God, True Parents and True Family, Jr. STF will raise core adolescent leaders who will transform this world into one, God-centered, human family.

* Jr. STF Program
o For all motivated youth (core members of SeongHwa) of the Unification Movement aged 12-17
o Community based leadership program run by the SeongHwa Dept.
o Regular weekly meetings for field educators, members & their parents in addition to local Youth Ministry activities
o Clear national standard of set goals & objectives for each level of membership, including list of tasks to qualify to take the promotion test.
o Promotion test 3 times/ year. (Aug, Dec, April)
* Qualification Guideline for each level of Jr. STF membership
o Candidates level = Motivated with the vision & mission of Jr. STF. Commitment to attend weekly mtgs and participate in activities until the next promotion test.
o Green level = Continually transforming oneself to gain conviction in one’s identity & ownership over fulfilling God’s dream
o Pink level = Transforming the adolescents of the Unification Movement starting with raising another BC to reach green level
o White level = Transforming the adolescents of the world starting with raising a non-BC to reach green level
* Jr. STF Partnership
o Role
o Qualification
o Responsibilities
* Local Community Leader (appointed by FFWPU)
o General support
* Jr. STF candidates & members (motivated SeongHwa students)
o Participation in all activities & programs of Jr. STF
* Jr. STF Field Educators (appointed by CARP with approval from local community)
o Lead all local activities & programs for Jr. STF
o Responsible for a group of 3-7 candidates & Jr. STF members
* Jr. STF Parents Association = active parents of Jr. STF members
o Direct support to Jr. STF Field Educators
+ provide space for meetings
+ attend regular meetings with Field Educators
+ communication
+ financial
* STF Parent Representative (appointed by STF Parents Board)
o Help launch Jr. STF locally & advise Jr. STF Parents Association

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